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Demo RequestWe would be delighted to give you a demonstration and a proposal based on your individual needs, so feel free to contact us.

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How we charge

NetNewsdesk is a subscription-based service. We have varying levels that allow you to manage your marketing budgets accordingly and efficiently. Level 1 allows for up to 2500 broadcasts per month. A Level 2 account increases that allotment to 7500, and so on and so forth.

We offer two types of contracts: (1) annual and (2) month-to-month agreements (with a 3 month minimum commitment).  As a general guideline, our pricing ranges from less than a half-cent per email, for larger senders - to 13 cents per email for the very small clients - clients average about 2 cents per email, depending on their account level and contract commitment with costs per email dramatically reducing as volume grows.

NetNewsdesk is focused
We also offer consulting and full service support. We charge by the hour or by a negotiated ongoing support rate. Since we work in our system all the time, we can maximize the tool for your branding needs, while you concentrate on your ongoing job. 

Companies that have made the decision to send emails from their internal servers often come to us after they have learned how risky this can be. Maintaining clean, white-listed broadcast servers is a full-time job. Our experience alone is a great asset in keeping the lines of communication open and the emails delivered. If your internal systems get blocked for any reason, it could prove to be devastating for your business.  It simply makes good business sense to outsource this function. 

NetNewsdesk has established strong relations and partnerships with the top ISPs and is monitored by independent deliverability firms to ensure top results for all of its clients. We offer ongoing monitoring and strategic support to let each client realize the greatest success with this tool.

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NetNewsdesk has been certified assuring the highest of
industry standards resulting in high deliverability ratings.